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A Secret Dinner



Escape back in time to old Singapore, when beehive hairdos and psychedelic prints were trendy; to a time of difficult transitions for a nation struggling to find its footing after separating from Malaya, for individuals manoeuvring between youthful aspirations and external demands of society and family.

Join Kwang Meng in this coming-of-age story as he struggles to find his place amidst the dreariness and aimlessness of increasing urbanisation and materialism. Take a peek into his world, the Paradise Bar, the beach, his shared home and experience a microcosm of 1960s Singapore. Dine with our actors through a series of transformed rooms and come dressed in your sixties best on this immersive journey based on Goh Poh Seng’s novel of the same name.

A ticket to the past will get you a welcome drink and a four-course meal. Only persons aged 18 and above may time travel.

You will return to the present in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

*Experience starts half an hour before the time slots and closes 15 mins before.

Book now at the following dates:
13 May Friday Sold Out
• 14 May Saturday Sold Out
• 15 May Sunday Sold Out

20 May Friday Sold Out
• 21 May Saturday  Sold Out
• 22 May Sunday  Sold Out

28 May Saturday (more slots added!)
• 29 May Sunday Sold Out

About Us - And So Forth

We are weavers of the story
A wild ride of gastronomy
We are conspirators, collaborators, secret-makers
We invite all you brave souls to join us.

ANDSOFORTH creates series of theatrical feasts immersed around stories, drama and…secrets. After prior online booking,
diners are informed of a meeting location on the day of the feast and
strategic clues along the way to guide them to the final venue.
After the feast, diners are bound to secrecy.
They are now co-conspirators – nothing shall be divulged of the merrymaking and the hideaway.

A pop up restaurant specialising
in fusing art & dining in non-linear experiences.
Influenced by the underground dining sub-culture in London,
founders Stuart Wee and Emily Png boldly draw inspiration
from art forms and culture and collaboration.

The ANDSOFORTH creative team includes
actors, set designers, chefs, costume designers, illustrators,
copywriters, scriptwriters/producers, lighting designers,
sound scape artists who conspire to create
immersive dining experiences in Singapore.


  1. Book yourself a ticket for an ANDSOFORTH event.
  2. Keep a look out for The Initiation on your phone.
  3. Follow instructions to reach The Location.
  4. Don’t miss The Clue along the way.
  5. Let The Feast begin!
  6. Once the experience is over, we ask only that you keep
    The Secret between you and us.

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Contact Us

We are a conspiracy of individuals across different corners
We are the weavers, the secret-makers, the storytellers
If you want in on our secrets you gotta find us
We might just be looking for someone like you.

Want to join the conspiracy at ANDSOFORTH?
We are looking out for collaborators:
Theatre Production, Music, Acting, Design, Art Direction,
Culinary Arts, Catering, Interesting Event Spaces, Party Makers
Or if you feel you have something special to contribute, we’d like to hear about it as well.

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