Take a trip with Disco David down a series of fantastical rooms, meet his psychedelic consortiums, a Shaolin Lifeguard, the Swan Ballerinas, The Cunning Cabaret, and his arch nemesis, “B-boy Goliath”. Be ready for a visual orgasm bound to get you high on life and get you to boogey Disco night.


Go through 5 eccentric, psychedelic spaces loaded with interactive details, discover strange and mystical characters, pass the disco auditions and get to join the DISCO CREW. Finally, eat a 4 course flavorous meal served in the most conspicuously imagined way possible.


Tickets: $98 on Fridays, $108 on Saturdays
Premieres on 25 August
Minimum age is 18.
Duration: Approximately 1h 30mins
* experience starts half an hour before the time slot booked


As per all ASF events, the venue is secret, dinner is a 4 course menu with 1 complimentary cocktail and come expecting the unexpected.


Presented by ANDSOFORTH
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