Ahoy there!

It is great to see the young ones wanting a learning in the old ways of a pirate! Like my grand daddy used to say, Arrrrr, take my hook! Thats when my father lost one of his hands of course! ah ha-ha-ha!

Now lets begin.


To say hello you can say:

“Ahoy there!”

“Ahoy there matey!”

or if you’re in the mood for a laugh,

“Yo Ho-ho!”

If you are afraid or shocked or annoyed you say: “Shiver me timbers!” 

Replace “you” with “ye” 

for example, instead of saying “you are looking great!” you should say “ye be lookin’ great!”

Replace “are” with “be” 

for example, instead of saying “how are you doing?!” you should say “how be ye doing?”

Next, to say YES is “AYE!”

and no is simply “No” which usually means you’re defying the captain’s order and are prepared to walk the plank. Arrrrr ha-ha!


Do try to start each sentence with an Arrrrrr! Makes us pirates sound more Pirate-ty. These are our basics! Now remember to practice! Fair winds and may Poseidon favour ye!