The Karl Experience

The Year 2070: In a dystopian future, humans have reaped the earth exhausting it of all natural resources. Fashion has become … obsolete.  Function and form is key to survival, masses have been forced underground, only the chosen live in the sky.

Mechanical aids, metallic fringed cities, the glare of neon lights permeate our existence. The last hope for mankind lies in the hands of one cryogenic visionary.

Suppressed by the sterile confinement of his era, our hero embarks on an archaeological journey, a ‘dig’ back to the year 2015.

The Karl Experience beckons those with the artistic vision to come on a collision of past, present and future worlds. To partake in an expedition and exploration of futuristic proportions.

Only the intrepid need apply. Pledge your allegiance to the antiestablishment, a brave new world awaits.


About the Karl Experience
Affectionately named ‘The Karl Experience’, ANDSOFORTH pays tribute to an iconic fashionista, promising an evening immersed in drama, food and molecular mixology conjured by our crew of actors, set designers, chefs and soundscape artists. It’s the perfect concoction of mischief and mystery with just a sprinkling of magic dust!