The Hideaway


Come hither, dear diner
Hear the bell, join the laughter
Secrets await you brave ones
The Hideaway has begun.

Join us on our first adventure, The Hideaway.
Be whisked away on a gastronomic journey.
With hidden pursuits that unravel for those who dare.
A concealed location waiting to be discovered until the opportune time.
Yes, brave one, we mean you.

The Hideaway


Gallery Master| Head Chef:
• Aaron Leow

Scribe | Scriptwriter:
• Mingyu Lin

Ship Officers| Boarding Pass Designer & Hideaway Illustrator :
• Natalie Wee

Branding & Illustrator :
• Muhammad Izdi

Ship Tailor | Costume:
• Baey

Ship Architects| Set Builder:
• Samantha Chia

Lighting Designer:
• Sirogn

Ship Secretary| Copywriter:
• Josh Quah

Ship Acoustics| Soundscape Designer:
• Eugene Chia

• Captain- Edward Choy
• Captain’s Assistant -Daphne Quah
• Chief Engineer- Windson Liong

Deck Cadets | Supporting Cast:
Sean Teng, Hoo Xun Lin, Andrea Alingalan, Nicole Pereira, Leonard Heng, Tan Rui Shan, Tan Rou Ying Rebecca Sim, Evon Tang, David Portwood, Safina Skov

• Loki

Special Thanks:
• Dawn Fung

• Sailor Jerry (Alchohol Sponsor)
Lowercase (Venue Sponor)

Trade Partners:
• Knuckles & Notch
• Hon Offset Printing